Almost Over

The school year is almost over. I like it and I sort of don’t.

I want the summer to start because I love the pool and I get to stay up late.

But then again I don’t want the summer to end because Ariana (my BFF) will be going to a new school next year 😥😥.

We have about a week left of school       ( June 8th). And it sucks because I don’t have a lot of time to spend with Ariana. I’m always busy during summer vacation. Which means less time to spend with Ariana.

I can’t wait to go in the pool and stay up late. But Ariana is way more important then all that.  

Am I thinking to much?

Should I just see what the future holds?

It’s almost over. This great ride is almost over.

By: Valentina


  To many to count


 I take to many photos of my life as a aunt.  Not just of Azalea. But of Arihanna and Nas too.

Not just 12 of them but more like 90.

I love to just admire them. I’m so thankful that I have them. I take the photos to cherish them. But it has gotten to the point where I take too much photos of them.

I love them. Too much to stop taking pictures of them.

My Life Now

I have such a busy life. It is good and sometimes bad. But once summer comes……. I will still be busy. I always have:

  • Projects
  • Babysitting
  • Writing
  • Cleaning little things
  • Partys 

To do. I can never just have a day to chill. Only at night. For about two hours. 
Babysitting is usually on Fridays,Saturdays,or Sunday’s.

Projects are always on weekdays.

Partys to go to are on weekends.

Cleaning little things is everyday.

Writing I chose to do every weekday.

I’m thankful to be in life but it’s hard to enjoy it with everything going on. 

My life is one busy life.

By: Valentina


Ewwww! What’s that smell?                     It’s popcorn.

Gross! What’s that smell?                             I said it’s popcorn!

That is not popcorn.                             Yes it is, but it is my favorite type of popcorn.                                                     What type of popcorn?                             Burnt popcorn!


 Then at snack time everyone forgets all about it. They apparently don’t smell it anymore …


I smell popcorn. Does your class have popcorn? Yes. I do! I do!

Finally someone notices that it is popcorn not something gross. 

Popcorn is not gross (well for me)

By: Valentina


Pictures. Dont Mess It Up!

I have so many pictures…      

On my phone, printed out from when my mom was little, and from my other (can’t even count) great grandmother’s!

      Why is this a slice you ask? Because I am trying to organize the pictures again that I just categorized I don’t know… Was it last week?

        It gets really frustrating when you finally finished something that felt like it took you months to do right. And of course it doesn’t stay that way because other people always mess it up so it’s even more frustrating. I’m like that when you finally accomplish something “big” then they just mess it up again and again and again. I get mad and frustrated.

         Don’t asked why? If you do my answer is I don’t know why. It’s just me. It happens to me a lot not just with pictures either. Since I have a little sister. You could just imagine.
By:Ariana LeGrand

The Look

My dog gives a look. A deep look that you put thought into.

I think a lot about the other side of the look. It is like we are looking into each other’s soul.

I feel like I’m looking at a person not a dog. It seems as if he is a person yet stuck in the body of a dog.

Was he Reincarnated?

I seem to come to the point where I think about the look almost as much as I think about him. 

I see the other side of life in his eyes. And when I see it I believe it.

His eyes are to big to be dog eyes so are they people eyes?

By: Valentina

Bath Time!

Azalea are you ready to take a bath?

My Azalea took her first bath at our house. And it was not any bath, it was a messy bath. 

 When you put a baby in a sink and give them a bath they will have the time of there life’s.

She splashes all over the place. Splish! Splash! Splish! Splash!

She smiles, I smile everyone smiles. She crys at the end but we all know it was because she didn’t want to get out.

I can’t wait to give her another bath. So that smile will light my day up.

By: Valentina