Three In A Day

I seen not just one, not just two, but three softball friends today. 

I seen the twins. Which are Megan and Allison.  Then I seen Jalissa. 

It made me want to cry,yes I said cry. I miss my softball friends. I miss playing softball. I just really,really miss softball

I would pretty much do anything to be in softball. I mean our season is almost over but I still will always miss it.

The twins I barly talk to but this time I did. Jalissa I usually talk to but this time we talked more then usual.

Next season I’m going back in softball. But Oak Forest softball. So that means new people to meet. And I’m never ready for that. Maybe one of the girls on Midlothian softball will be on Oak Forest softball next season. But I’m not going to get my hopes up. 

I really, really, really miss softball.

By: Valentina 


The Walkers 

Everyday now my mom, my sister, and I have been going to the park. 

Take a guess what we do?

If you said playing you’re WRONG

We walk the track. We are like old lady friends. I’m Madge. My mom is Eunice and my sister is Lorraine. Yea your probably like you even came up with names for each other. Yea we did because we are old lady friends. 

Every time after 3 laps we go to the workout area. 

 We are the official old lady group. But the awesomest old lady group. 


By: Valentina 

Box Tops

Expired box top, Not expired box top, expired today box top, expires in a year box top.

That is what I had to do earlier today. And let me tell you… It was actually kind of amusing.

After doing sub work all day it was a good change. I mean it took awhile but Gavina 😊, Nathan, Patrick, Whittany, and I got it done. If it was past July 15 it was good. But before that date they were duds. 

  Today I was that little batman hero         ( just because I like batman better ). 
And as the week goes on I will still be a box top hero.

By : Valentina 

Sarah #1

As I am at yogi (my campground) my whole family is sleeping and I still managed to wake up my dad enough to tell him that I’m going for a ride on my bike. “Okay I guess”. As I go outside and try to gather my bike I see at least 6 spider’s. I open the sliding door to my trailer loud noise comes out. Dad wakes up instantly. I say “Dad my bike has spiders on it and you know I will not ride or touch anything that has spiders on it so I’m just going for a walk.” Okay.

Walk,walk I live all the way in the back and I wanted to go to the front store so it was a long walk.

5 minutes later
This is takingto long time to run. I get there and see my

Sarah she is like the same person as me. “Hey can we hang out?” Sure I guess I said.

We have not seen each other in almost 1 year. We missed each other a lot she is amazing. Her mom said yeah u guys can hang out her mom likes me so she let’s Sarah come with me when ever she wants but she does not let her go anywhere when I’m not there.

So her mom tells her that she first needs to go home and change her shirt so we go to her house and changes her shirt.

She stays with me the rest of the day we also went to the teen dance we had fun!

Sarah is my #1 official best friend.

Alexis +Sarah= best friends forever

By Alexis Martinez


I’m nervous. Not just any nervous,but the nervous right before a big presentation.

Tomorrow I have a big presentation. I’m very,very nervous. I keep on thinking about it. Just a bit to much from the usual. 

I hope I get a good grade. I put a lot of work in to it. After all the frustration and stress I deserve a good grade. At least a B- or something around that area.

  We a have a tight schedule to get 5 presentation board and another big screen board done. 2 days to teach all that. 

                 Wow is what I say!

I should just stop thinking about it because if I keep on thinking about it then I won’t get sleep and I will be tired all day tomorrow. 

But it’s hard not to think about it.         

       Note to self: Stop thinking about presentation