By:Ariana LeGrand

I don’t think I’ve ever and I mean ever cried on the last day of school. But I think this year is going to be different….A LOT different. I have had some of the best teachers anyone can ever have. Especially Mrs. Robertson and Mrs.Engel. We have laughed, cried, had fun and made jokes. They are fun. And really good teachers. Not just teachers. Friends.

   It is going to be hard. I haven’t told a lot of people yet. But I’m moving to a new school.

    But on the bright side I’ll be in J.R. High before everyone. I’ll have new teachers who won’t care. Make n..e..w  fr…ien..ds that will never be as good as my BFFs.

&nb. I have been at this school for 3 year now.
I had Mrs.Robertson for 2 of those great years. It was a tragedy when I left my home and moved. Some of the memories still hang about😭. Hhuuwwhhoo. The reason why, I hate! And yes! Hate is a strong word. Every time I think about this I start to cry.

     I don’t cry about small things. But leaving the school now knowing that these are my last couple of days. Truthfully…. I’ve been a mess. That’s been why every time someone asks me how my day went I say good and walk out of the room or change the subject.

     I bet the biggest reason I want to stay so much is because school helped me egress. From my at home life. No sister, divorce, yelling, this after this after that. Sometimes I wish we had more school time. So thank you everyone. That’s in a good way. I look at this picture when I think about all of this.



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